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PS Helical Rotor Submersible Pump Systems - No Inverter - No Battery - No Maintenance

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Surface Pump

Surface Systems - No Inverter - No Battery - No Maintenance

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Pool Pumping System

For Pools - No Inverter - No Battery - No Maintenance

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Solar pumps have the potential to revolutionize the way agriculture or industry prospers in Myanmar. The extreme dependency on monsoons and their inevitable failure year after year coupled with frequent power outage calls for an energy substitute, that is clean, dependable as a renewable source of energy and is environment-friendly. Solar Pumping System fulfills all these needs and do much more! They are ideal for use anywhere, especially remote agricultural areas that have uncertain supply of power or face issues relating to electrification. Solar Water Pumps in Myanmar are gaining popularity and prominence, also for the low operational costs they incur, low maintenance costs they usually have and easy transportation and relocation. What makes them however perfectly suitable to the Myanmar environment of agriculture, is how using a solar pump set increases productivity, especially on sunny days, when the rains are delayed. Instead of being inconvenienced by monsoon woes, solar pumps can actually ensure smooth irrigation and farming! Though solar pump companies in Myanmar, you should be mindful to choose an exceptional and reliable company that ensures not only the best quality solar pumps but also easy and smooth installation. With us, you can be sure to be in competent hands, and also have a large variety of solar pumps to choose from!